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I've been into visual arts since 2004, started as a music video editor for a production company. One day I decided I wanted to edit my own stuff. So I left my day job to pursue my dream, and never looked back since then. I started from filming music videos for local talents and before I realized it, I was travelling around the world on amazing projects, filming and collaborating with international stars, the likes of Wyclef Jean, Mohamed Mounir, Wiley, Curren$y, The Game, DreDay300, Nikolija, Amir, Samo Zaen, Eleni Foureira Helena Paparizou, Nikos Vertis+ many more established artists and record labels from around the globe! decision of my life! I then started getting into directing commercials for famous brands. So far the entirety of my work has amassed over 700 million views and several awards and distinctions. From then, who knows...anything is possible when you love what you do!

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