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Is red moving in into the dslr market?

So we all know Red Cinema cameras, and we all know what they are...cinema cameras! It's meant to be the main competitor for the Arri line of cameras, and even though it's no-where close to the percentage of movies that it works on as Arri, it is still a formidable choice. In-fact, in other modes of filming such as high end music videos and commercials it has a higher percentage of selection by the D.P. Having worked with both I find red more user-friendly and it produces amazing world class visuals, where as Alexa has that ..."Alexa Look"!

RED has always been innovative. With every new model it produced, It brought something new to the table. All these years its cameras and specs juts kept getting better and better (and more expensive). It kept it's eye primarily on the high end of the film making spectrum....until now!

RED released the latest addition to it's models, the "Komodo"...and boy is it going to give the major players in the DSLR realm a run for their money! First of all let's talk about the price...$6.000! Yep you heard right! This price is normal in the high end range of the DSLR world, but it brings you the cinema quality image RED is known for! Considering that the new Canon R5 with it's major heat issues goes for $3,900, which means for an extra $2,000 you can have a full fledged cinema camera that based on it's specs is good enough for any project from a music video all the way to a mid tier feature!

So even though RED produces Hollywood standard cameras it seems it set its sights on the indie market, and I think it's genius! Why? Because that market is huge! the potential is much larger! Look at it this way, how many videographer friends do you have that own a Sony A7 series camera, or a Panasonic series camera ? Many right? How many do you know that own a RED? My guess is not so many! And I wont even ask about Alexa because that's probably going to be way less! In the future though, this might actually change. We will be seeing more and more independent videographers owning a RED, a camera that has the best of both worlds, a cinema class camera at the price range of the DSLR market!

Now before you go out and buy this camera there are certainly things to consider, primarily if this camera is the right camera for you. Well I've found this great review by David Le that gives insightful information about the RED KOMODO's specs and features.

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