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Music Video of the week

So, I've been really vibing with Joji correction, I've been obsessing with his work both musically and visually! I discovered him a couple of days ago, first through his songs - as I would listen to them while working on something else. Song by song I realized that this guy was nailing it every time. So while taking a break, I decided to look at his videos as well...and oh boy where they good! The ideas, the aesthetic, the just captivated me! He manages to establish a the world with which he displays his narrative, so anything he does just works!

Upon further research I realized he was also a very established and famous YouTube comedian by the name of Filthy Frank! This gave me a perspective and understanding of why his wonderfully executed music videos just work with all the exaggeration and ludicrousness of his .

The video that stood out for me, was Gimme love! and I certainly Loved how the whole visual follows the song, how the energetic "amateur" filmed first half of the video, compliments the smooth relaxed super well lit and cinematic second half that comes as an amazing artistic surprise!

As for the story...Let's not spoil that, take the time to embellish yourself in a real artistic visual of a really artistic song! and you will also come to the same conclusion as I have...Joji a.k.a Filthy Frank certainly has talent!

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