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So..I decided to add a blog!

Sherif Francis
Sherif Francis

04:55, and I finally decided to manifest a thought that was in my head for quite some time...add a blog to my site. Why? I really don't know! It's just that I have this urge day by day to express myself to the world. What will I write about? Not sure! I'm only satisfying a need that's been boiling inside me for a long time now. A need to express my thoughts and vision.

So I decided to create this blog and add it to my site! I can think of several things to write about, but most likely there will be no cohesion on the topics, so you will have to forgive me for that. It will just be my thoughts, articles I find interesting, Movies or songs that I love, and generally whatever triggers my artistic pallet.

So to you who is reading these words, I hope you find whatever it is I post interesting...if not just remember, I'm doing that for myself and not anyone else really. I have come to that stage of my life where whatever I do, I do it for me. I believe that's the only way to attract like-minded people who will appreciate the truth in you.


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